Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Technology Tuesday: Puppet Pals Videos

Digital Citizenship is a huge push in our district these days.  So much so that the technology department created 4 modules for elementary teachers to go over with their classes during the 1st nine weeks.  The 4th lesson is about copyright and plagiarism.  Last year, the teachers were responsible for teaching all 4 parts and when it came time for researching in the library, it seemed the students did not make the connection about citing sources that they learned in the Digital Citizenship lesson at the beginning of the year and research information.  So this year, the librarians presented that module to the classes. (Yes, ALL of them). In the 4th grade module, there are a couple of scenarios that they kids are supposed to discuss as a table and then share out if what the person did was OK or not.  Rather than discuss and share, we did Puppet Pal 2 skits to share.  This was my first time to use the paid Puppet Pals 2 and I must say, it was really cool and the kids LOVED it.  Below is an example of a kid created skit.  The scenario was that Samantha found a report on the Internet and she was going to use that but change the first sentence. Was that OK or No Way?
For the first time being exposed to the app, I thought they did pretty good.  They loved that they could move the characters arms and legs.  Have you used Puppet Pals or Puppet Pals 2 for some cool videos?


  1. Love it! We never got to actually record ours. LIke we tried and the kids had trouble moving the puppets around and talking at the same time.
    Did not see that coming with 4th grade, have to tell you.
    Then I got sick and it all went downhill from there. #itried
    The 2nd PP version is cool with the arms and legs moving.

  2. Ms. O. It was cool. Great idea that you had :) Glad you shared it with me. The kids had a blast with it and like with everything some were better than others. We found that if one kid moved the puppet while the other kid talked it worked better.