Monday, October 21, 2013

Flipping in the Library

There’s a lot of talk in education circles about “Flipping the Classroom”.   I have been intrigued by this idea but didn't fully understand it until I read this book 
by Jonathan Bergmann

It makes a lot of sense.  The students watch some kind of presentation at home and then do the practice, what would have been the homework, in class where the teacher can actually help them.  Being that librarians are supposed to be technology leaders on our campuses, another librarian and I got together to talk about the logistics of “Flipping the Library”.  We had a lot of questions that we had to hash out answers to together.  Who would we do this with?  What if they don’t have access to a computer or Internet at home?  What kind of lessons would we flip?  How would we actually get the information to the students?  We both like to do research mini lessons with our students throughout the year before they actually come and do a BIG research project so we thought the mini lessons would be the perfect ones to flip.  We seem to spend a lot of time telling kids how to research and BOOM then it is time to do it for real.  They do not often get a lot of time to practice the skills.  So we are going to work on creating a video of coming up with questions for a project and looking at key words within the questions as our first flip.  The idea is that the classroom teacher would assign the video and short recording sheet for homework and then they will come to the library to actually discuss the video and then practice coming up with questions and key words of their own.  If students do not have access at home, they can come into the library before school or during our whole school intervention time right at the beginning of the day to watch it here.  We are planning to start this in early November so I will post then how it actually worked. 

Have any of you tried flipping the library yet?
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  1. I haven't read it. Should I? I keep thinking I'll try making different videos but then things get crazy and I don't get to it. Need to make it more of a priority. It's good you have a plan for the kiddos that don't have access at home. I'm just not sure about the before school or during intervention time cause I'm doing other things then and so far only about 10% of the kiddos can get logged in on their own. :/ Still need to try, though.

  2. Ms. O - It is a really easy read with lots of good information. Quick and to the point. We are going to keep our fingers crossed on the 10% of those kids :) Sara