Saturday, October 20, 2018

Woodstone Reads

I posted a month ago about my reading goal that I shared with my students for our school to talk about reading more this year.  Besides our reading interest activity that we did at the beginning of the year, I have shared with them some other ways we can talk about books.  Our district is using Seesaw this year so I created a folder in each teacher's class called Woodstone Reads where students can keep an online running log of the books they have finished reading.  Each time they finish reading (or listening to) a book - any book - the take a picture of the cover and record a sentence or two about the book and who might like the book. Other kids in their class can see these posts, comment on them as well as get ideas for good books they might want to read next.

I also shared with 3rd and 4th graders that I would like to start featuring some book talks on our morning announcements.  We read the Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominee Grandpa's Hal-La-Loo-Ya Hambone by Joe Hayes and then I showed the students 4 different scripts they could choose from.  I adapted the scripts from these that I found online.  We have not had any submitted yet, but I am hoping those are coming soon.