Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday "Wrap Up"

On Monday I started my makerspace.  You can read about that here .
I am really pleased with how it went this week.  It was fascinating to see the kids thought processes as they tried to build.  I pleasantly surprised to see that each day, girl teams were the ones that were able to make the tallest tower out of pipe cleaners.  

More things that happened...
- 3 Second Grade lessons about how the everybody section is organized
- 4 First Grade lessons about objects in the sky using PebbleGo and Popplet
- 5 Kinder Little Elliot, Big City story times

And my nails... GLOW IN THE DARK!! How cool is that.  At our Jamberry Summit last weekend, they announced the glow in the dark wraps and gave us each a sheet.  I couldn't wait to get home and try them.  On that same day, my Tru Shine Gel Kit came so of course I had to try that to. So here is my Glowing Ghouls Wraps with a Black Cherry Gel accent nail (don't judge the painting of the nail, just look at the pretty color and smooth, shiny finish ;)) 

And here are my wraps at night.  They totally freaked me out the first night I had them on because I forgot about them.  I turned off my bedside light and went to scratch my nose and almost had a heart attack.  

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