Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Technology Tuesday: Coding Club

Last year after the excitement of Hour of Code, two teachers and I decided to start a coding club for 4th graders. (Read about that here). 

It seems like the first week of school the new 4th graders were asking when it was going to start this year. Well, we finally got it going and had our first meeting today. 

We thought we were going to start with the kids that were in it last year right now and then open it up to 4th grade in the spring again. Out if the 20 kids that were in it last year, 10 signed up to do it again (others had conflicting schedules with other clubs). So we decided to go ahead and open it to 4th grade now. We took two kids from each of the seven classes for a total of 24 kids, fourth and fifth grade. 

In the code.org teacher dashboard, we were able to set up two different sections. The 5th graders were able to start making games today and the 4th graders started back at the beginning. 

I think it will be fun to have the two combined. The 5th grade will be able to mentor the 4th graders and the 4th graders will be as to see where they are headed. A win-win for all. 

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