Thursday, April 23, 2015

Friday "Wrap" Up

This is a short week for schools here in San Antonio due to our Fiesta celebration.  We are off today for the huge Battle of Flowers Parade downtown.  Besides giving STAAR for 3 days - blech!  We actually did get some poetry stations done with 4th grade for our upcoming visit from Poetry Alive.  I also moderated a twitter chat for my district librarians about things they brought back from TLA. And I participated in our district chat about education where each question (and some answers) were introduced with memes.  You can read about that chat on @Terrieichholz blog post .

My wraps this week are in honor of Fiesta time in San Antonio.... Lotus , the June Hostess Exclusive and Skinny Pink (I am not usually a "pink girl", but after having it on last week I LOVE it!

I have nothing to do with the first grade Fiesta parade that goes on at our school, but I just love how the whole school dresses up and lines the hallways.

And the floats that the 1st graders make are AMAZING!!  Check these out (sorry some are blurry, they were moving fast).

Some floats are carried
Some are on wheels

Of course there are plenty of Spurs floats!

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And my favorite... The Texas Longhorns!

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