Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday "Wrap" Up

Whew!  I am glad this week is over!  On top of having two 5th grade classes in the library at the same time all week for research, I lost my voice due to allergies.  But now the week is done and it is time for the weekend!

This week, as I mentioned, we started 5th grade research.  Our fabulous ITS, Laura Moore, and I were talking one day about the research coming up and we met with the 5th grade team to talk about some ideas.  After deciding on the topic of ecosystems, Laura came up with a Thinglink and the steps for our project (More about the actual research in a later post).  My 5th grade teams departmentalize so 3 teachers each teach reading to 2 classes and one of them has a third reading class.  So pretty much all day every day this week, I was surrounded by 5th graders.  

I did break away to do some more poetry reading to kinder and started poetry centers with 2 second grade classes.  

Two 4th grade class and I participated in the #stu2stuchat about technology on Wednesday.  

I still have my same wraps on from last week, so I thought I show you a picture of a Jamicure I saw this week on Facebook.  I just love this one and will definitely be trying it soon.  It is Prince Charming with Boomerang (a clear wrap) layered OVER it!  Isn't that awesome!

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