Monday, December 2, 2013

Book Fair Week

It's a time of year that I love and dread at the same time... Book Fair!  I love the anticipation and seeing the kids get so excited about the books. I love setting it up and running it for the most part and I love the break from lessons and check-out. But I won't lie, by Friday I am ready to tear it down and get back to normal (I hate to say this, but I am the same way about Christmas decorations at home... December 26 - they are taken down and packed back up for next year).

I have some wonderful volunteers, not a lot, but some very reliable ones that I know I can count on.  I have found that at my school, I really only need them for the first two days all day and then the rest of the week just the first two hours of the day (what we call rush hour).  The first two days are for the most part the days the teachers bring the kids in and the kids can make their wish list.  My volunteers are so helpful in helping kids find the prices of the books and writing titles for the kinder and 1st graders.  After those first two days, we found that they teachers mostly send the kids the first 2 hours of the day which is why I do schedule volunteers for those times.  The rest of my traffic is mostly random kids at various times thoughout the day that straggle in as their teacher sends them.  This my assistant and I can usually handle ourselves.  I do give my volunteers a book fair gift certificate as appreciation of their time.  

Most of my students are able to purchase at least something at the fair, but I do have a few families that can not afford to send any money (especially at this time of the year).  On Thursday, I usually ask the teachers if there are any kids in their classes that did not bring money for that reason and I ask those kids to come help me do something Friday afternoon to pack up the fair to "EARN" a book.  It is really special to see those faces light up at the thought of working to buy a book.  They are so proud of themselves.  I usually have 10-20 that this applies to and I only do it at my December fair.  I figure that I can forgo $100-$200 profit to make sure everyone has a book :)  

What are special things that you do at your book fairs?

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