Thursday, November 21, 2013

Funny Friday

For the first sememster, my kinder students are allowed to pick books that have the covers showing.  Which means that they are not allowed to go into the shelves to look for books because I haven't taught them how to use a shelf marker yet.  We have a TON of books on display on top of the shelves, on the bottoms of shelves and on 2 stands so there is always plenty to choose from.  If a kinder wants a particluar book or book about a certain topic that isn't showing, I will certainly go find one if they ask.  Anyway this week one of my persisiant rule breakers was looking through the shelves pulling out the books half way instead of the ones on top where she could see the cover.  Her teacher said, "Excuse me, can you see the cover of those books?"  She replied back as serious as could be, "If I pull them out, yes I can!"...  I guess she got us.