Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Technology Tues: iPad Storage

Because of my book fair, I don't have a technology lesson to share, so I thought I'd share my brand new toy that just got dropped off yesterday!  An iPad storage cart!!  Isn't it funny the things we get excited about.  When our secretary came down and told me it was here, I think I might have squealed.  My assistant looked at me like I was crazy, but when you see the picture of my current set up, you might understand.

I have 20 iPads for the library and over the summer, I found this great idea on Pinterest to store them on a dishrack.  This is what it looked like on Pinterest...

This is what it looks like in my office...

See why I needed a better solution.  So I decided to spend my hard earned book fair money from last year and buy an iPad stoage/charging cart and now they look like this...

Well worth the money, don't you think?

How do you store iPads?

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  1. 20! That is awesome. And so is your PRETTY cart. The dishrack didn't fit in the cupboard where they charge so I use it on my desk for folders and clipboards. Got a LID rack for inside the cupboard/charging. And I binder clipped the cords to the sides so they don't get tangled. The big fat plug ends are a pain but oh well. Works for both the 6 iPads and the Nooks.