Sunday, February 8, 2015

WRAD Blogging Challenge: Week 1

In preparation for World Read Aloud Day, I am taking part in the World Read Aloud Blogging Challenge.  Here is my post for week one.  I hope you will consider joining in the fun too.  

Week 1: February 9 - 15
What is your favorite book to read aloud or to hear read aloud and why?

How can a librarian answer a question like this?  There are way too many to choose.  When I was in the classroom teaching 3rd grade, I loved reading Island of the Blue Dolphins aloud to my class.  I think because when I was in 4th grade that was one of the books my favorite teacher, Mrs. Patterson, read out loud to us.  At the time, that is not a book that I would have ever chosen to read myself.  I was much more into Little House on the Prairie or Ramona books.  But there was something about how Karana made a life for herself alone with only the animals, friends or foes, to keep her company. Mrs. Patterson always read to us after recess and I would sit there, head on my desk, listening to her voice and trying to imagine what made Karana strong enough to continue each day.  When I had my own classroom, I think I chose that book to read to my students as a way to introduce them to a genre they might not choose on their own.  Every day, after reading, they would beg me not to stop (and sometimes I wouldn't ;)) 

As a librarian, I love to read aloud fun books.  Books that the students can join in with me.  Books that have great language patterns.  Books that have surprise endings.  


This is going to be my first year to celebrate World Read Aloud Day.  I found out about it through twitter this year.  During the week, I am going to be connecting one of my 1st grade classes and 4th grade classes with Matthew Winner's class and a 3rd grade class with Shawna Ford's classes. My whole school will be celebrating Dr. Seuss that week as well so many activities are being planned for that celebration as well. 


  1. Let me know how it goes! After a big tech bust for WRAD a couple years ago (Jody Feldman) and another tech bust with the Alex's Lemonade people last year ... I'm paranoid about Skype/GHO. The AL one was in a portable so maybe that was the mistake there. But WRAD was in the building. And the network has come a ways since then.

  2. Ahhh don;t tell me that. I got so psyched about google hangouts after TCEA - hoping they work.