Friday, February 20, 2015

Friday "Wrap" Up

This week at Woodstone I...

Introduced the Fairy Tale Battle to rest 2nd Grade
30 Hands Sequencing with the rest of 1st grade
Had the first Coding Club Meeting
Excersized 5 times!

Friday Funny 

Today was group picture day.  So the coding club was in line after choir and student council to get our group picture taken.  Quite a few students in the coding club were in choir so after they took their picture, they took off their choir shirts and got in our line.  When our picture was over one of the boys came to me and told me that his choir shirt was not on the bench where he left it.  We went to the music teacher's room thinking she probably picked it up with the rest of the shirts.  Sure enough, she had a big pile on a table.  I asked him if he knew what size it was and he replied it was a large.  I found a large in the pile and said, "Here it is!" and handed it to him.  He held the shirt up to his nose and inhaled deeply and said, "No, that's not mine!".  So i looked again and found another one.  He sniffed and handed it back with a "Nope".  I looked again, faound another large and hesitantly handed it over.  He repeated the process, but this time his face lit up like a jack-o-lantern and he very excitedly pronounced, "THIS IS MINE!"  I laughed and told him I was glad he recognized his smell and he replied back, "No, it's Gain!"

And now my wraps.  Had to get these on before January was over...
Winter's Edge

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