Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Technology Tuesday: Tweet! Tweet!

It's official!  I'm a "tweeter"!  I have tweeted 8 times in the past week about things going on in my library.  I just decided to jump in and see what happens.

I signed up for a twitter account last April at our Texas Library Conference when I went to a session about the "Nerdy Book Club"and immediately regretted it.  While I was pretty sure that the presenters, Cynthia Alaniz @utalaniz and John Schu @MrSchuReads, were speaking English at the presentation their twitter posts were in a completely different language.  Full of @, # quick phrases and links to websites.  I could not decipher and immediately vowed never to go there again.  

But then, I came back to school in August and got curious about it again.  I opened the shunned app on my phone and searched for a few of the other librarians in my district and started reading the things they were posting.  Now it wasn't so foreign.  They were just posting about the things happening in their libraries.  After "lurking" for a week or so, I worked up the courage to create an account for my"professional" self.  Then I started asking questions to my go to girls for social media... Cari Young @myschoollibrary and Angie Oliverson (Ms.O Reads Books). (I even FB instant messaged my director on a Saturday night).  She sent me to this blog Summer Learning Series 2014.  Here Todd Nesloney @TechNinjaTodd, a principal and tech guy extraordinaire, challenges his teachers to learn something new every week.  It was great!  I loved reading his personal story about twitter and he links to some other great resources about getting started.  And so off I went...
My First Tweet
Besides informing my community about the things going on in my library, I can already tell twitter is going to help me with my professional goal to network with other librarians and teachers.  

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  1. I love seeing your tweets about what's going on in your library! Keep sharing!

  2. Thanks, Cari, when I grow up I want to be as techie as you!