Monday, September 29, 2014

Reading Buddies

I love reading buddy day!  As one of my 4th grade teachers noted, "Our whole school shuts down once a month to do this... It is fun to see how excited the little kids get, and how motivated the big kids are to be a role model".  She's right.  As I see the kids walking through the halls, books in hand on their way to their buddy class, I ask, "Where are you going?" and they respond back with a huge smile, "To read with our buddies!".

2nd and 5th grader sharing a love of fact finding

1st and 4th grader reading Clifford

This year, writing is a school wide focus and so we thought about incorporating some kind of writing into the buddy time.
A kinder student dictates to her 3rd grade buddy her favorite thing about the story they read.

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