Friday, March 21, 2014

Funny for Friday

This week in my kinder journal, we were doing the letter "Z". I read them he book "Zoozical" by Judy Sierra. Then in their journals on the Z page, they were supposed to tell me what their favorite song was.  We had a lot of ABCs, Wheels on the Bus and Calendar Songs, but one little girl wrote "Lt it go". I asked her what her favorite song was and she said, "You know" and then began singing "Let it Go! Let It Go!" while throwing out her chest and spreading her arms wide. I really wish I had a video of it! Obviously she has seen the movie more than once since she had the moves down to a "t". So funny.

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  1. Too cute!! I must see Frozen asap!! I love your blog & started my own the other day. Would love for you to check it out