Monday, May 2, 2016

A Writer I am Not

I do not think of myself as a writer.  Writing this blog is a huge step out of my comfort zone every, single time.  My dad and my brother seem to have taken all of that talent for our family.  They both just have a way with words.  They just flow so effortlessly and elegantly from their minds.  Even when being humorous or sarcastic their way with words just make you want to read more.  

Sometimes when I am reading books, I get lost in the writing.  That happened to me when I read All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven.  I am an elementary librarian and this is definitely a YA title but it is just so beautifully written and the story is so amazing, I had to tell you about it. 
In this story, Violet and Finch meet on the roof of the school.  Finch is fascinated with death and Violet is trying to escape - her town, her grief over her sister's death, everything.  Through a school project, they become friends and begin to bloom each in their own way.  But is it enough for Finch?  

I couldn't stop thinking about this book after I read it.  The writing is just beautiful, the language just makes you want to read more and more. It was like I knew Violet and Finch and expected them to be around the corner.  Jennifer Nivens has a winner here!

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