Monday, April 18, 2016

Makerspace Still Going Strong

I must say, I really enjoy my makerspace time in the morning.  It is really fun to see the students in a loose, creative atmosphere.  It is funny to me to see what the kids gravitate towards, sometimes totally not what I expect.

Coding and Duct Tape have been huge hits, as I expected.  I do have to figure out a cheaper way to get duct tape though.  We went through a ton!  I had 4 different projects linked on my libguide: a flower, a ring, bracelets and a bookmark.

Three activities that surprised me were Finger Knitting, Shadow Puppets and GeoShapes.  Finger Knitting took over the school for a while.  Kids were bringing their own yarn and knitting at recess.  We had modern day knitting circles going on.  It was great. 

Students also enjoyed making hand shadow puppets.  It was fun to see which kids could make the shapes and which needed help and then to see their amazement when they were able to do it.    

For geo shapes, I had a sheet with pictures of different 3D shapes and told them they could use any of the materials in the makerspace to make their shapes.  Most chose tape and straws, but a few got creative and used pipe cleaners or fabric.  

I have one more round of makerspace for the year and I am thinking that I am not going to stick to the STEAM theme as much.  I have some different things I want to have in place for next year, so I thought now would be a good time to have them out.  

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