Friday, February 5, 2016

Friday "Wrap Up"

Kinder kids are so funny.  I read the book Early Bird by Tony Euly to kinder this week.  It is a cute story about a bird that gets up early and goes on a journey to the garden to get the early worm.  It has good position word usage like over, under, across and through.  While I was reading to the first class of kinder students I asked them what the opposite of early was.  The first student I called on said, "You know, like early in the morning."  I said, "That is what early means, but what is the opposite?".  The next student I called on said, "Like before breakfast."  I again said yes and that the opposite of early was late.  

The next kinder class I had decided to start with "What does early mean?" and about 4 of them shouted out "Late!"

This week in the library...
- four days of makerspace 
- 6 First Grade Inch by Inch  Measurement Lessons
- 5 kinder story times

And I am still wearing my wraps from last week, but here is a picture of the St. Patrick's Day wraps 

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