Friday, January 29, 2016

Friday "Wrap Up"

We wrapped up our 2nd round of makerspace this week and I must say, finger knitting by far was the biggest hit. What was most fun was seeing kids the faces of the kids I didn't think would have the patience to learn the process end up making a necklace or bracelet they were so proud of. I wish I had taken more pictures.  This is one of my 4th graders who went home and created 4 necklaces after being in the makerspace. 

The rest of the week went like this...
- 3 Second grade Fairy Tale Battle introductions
- 5 kinder Storytimes with Rubia and the Three Osos (including one hilarious story time with our ESL kinder class who definitely knew more Spanish than me)
- 4 makerspace sessions
- 1 Fifth grade Virtual Valentine iPad lesson
- Coding Club and Newspaper Club meetings 
-1 Bluebonnet Voting Party - Vanishing Coin was our winner

And my nails this week are super cute if I do say so myself - True Love and Tartan


  1. I would love to know more about the virtual Valentine lesson! You always have great ideas!

  2. Thanks, Tricia. THe Virtual Valenine is another fabulous idea I got from twitter. Each student in this class created a poster or picture using iPad apps with a Valenine theme and telling facts about our school or San Antonio. Then the teacher is putting them altogether in an ebook to send to the partner class.