Friday, November 6, 2015

Friday "Wrap Up"

It was early dismissal this week for parent-teacher conferences.  I typically don't schedule my regular 1st and 2nd grade lessons this week because the schedules are so screwy and it gives me a chance to do some special lessons or work on projects if I need to.  One of those projects was to rearrange the space where I was holding makerspace.  My original space was not big enough and did not flow right for me.  When our director came we talked about shifting my fiction section and using that space.  So I did.  

This was originally where I was going to have my makerspace.  It just wasn't working right. 
So I rearranged my fiction area so that the makerspace was near the tables in my teaching area and there is lots of floor space for those that like to spread out.
This was my fiction section before.

I put three genres on the shelves on the wall so have a clear space so I could see into the area.  I tuned two of the now empty shelves on the side to put the materials on.  This is much more functional now.  

- 5 Kinder Storytimes
- worked on makerspace activities
- rearranged makerspace area
- planned STAARy Night Parent eBook Session

And my nails from last week are still going strong so here are some Thanksgiving Wraps.  Gobble Gobble

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