Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Crazy crazy crazy!

Sometimes I think I am crazy and other times I know I am! As if doing energy makerspaces in the library wasn't a little crazy by itself, today topped it off I think.  Picture this... I have an open library meaning there are no real walls enclosing it.  I am truly "the center" of my school which I love, but classes walk throught the library to go pretty much anywhere else in the school. I have one big teaching space in the center with 12 round tables and a small space with a rocking chair and a carpet where I do storytime.  In the back of the library, I have 12 computers and a small carpet space with a Smartboard on the wall.  So today, on 10 of the 12 round tables there are 24 Fifth graders working on energy makerspaces.  The science and math lab specials teachers are over by the smartboard with 2 classes of 2nd graders(45 students) becuase it is rainy and cold and the labs in portables.  On the storytime capret, I am teaching 22 3rd graders,using clipboards, a research mini-lesson I normally teach on the Smartboard. AND 24 4th graders are checking out! 

That's right folks, 115 students actively engaged in the library space! Thank goodness its a really large space.  Thank goodness my assistant is amazing and tolerates my inability to say "no" to classes. Thank goodness my teachers support me and the things I do in the library! 

And thank goodness not every day is like this! :) 


  1. Thank goodness for YOU! You are such an amazing librarian. Thank you for everything that you do for the kids and the teachers! We are all blessed to have you at Woodstone!

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